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How was ReYoga born? A personal story.

written by Davide Paolini, Founder of ReYoga

After spending more than 10 years in front of a computer getting out all the creative energy of three-dimensional and traditional graphic design and trying to transmit emotions in an animation, a rendering, or in a flyer, I decided that just working inside a cold city and nearly ever being out in the nature was not making me happy. I developed a passion for outdoor sports and activities in direct contact with nature.

A little bit of snowboarding with friends in the winter season, a little bit of wakeboarding out with the boat with my cousins, some climbing sessions on some of the cliffs in the neighborhood, running on trails to stay fit, surfing whenever and wherever possible. All in all, I did a lot of sport, which, for someone who was used to being a seated, non-moving graphic designer was an extreme change. Everything was fine and fun until one day I was not able to get up in the morning, literally, because of my back, not from an accident or anything, just from the extreme overuse. It just gave out and said “enough”!

I did not understand what had happened … or better… I did not want to admit what was going on. How many times are we doing something but inside our hearts we know it is not good and we will have to pay for it sooner or later? Well, someday it arrives, the drop that makes the glass overflow

After that day x-rays, ultrasonic testings, magnetic resonances…. diagnosis? A herniated vertebral disc. The back of a sedentary who from time to time thought to be an athlete. So I did physiotherapy, massages, and more but I did not get better. I learned an important lesson if it is not you who wants to change to get better no therapist in the world can do that for you. Fortunately, I listened to my brother who one day came to me and said: “I met a yoga teacher who told me a lot of very interesting things, I think you should give it a try.

Mostly out of desperation and sadness about all the setbacks but also out of curiosity to try yoga, I did my first individual lesson.

A Back-Bender saved me

When I explained my situation, the yoga teacher told me that I have to work on myself, my lifestyle, my attitude, and my posture. He made me lie on a thing called “back bender” made from wood that instantly reminded me of an episode of The Simpsons where Homer helped people with their back problems by laying them on a garbage can :-). At first, I was skeptical but I did as he told me and day after day I felt great improvements. After only 20 days of yoga practice, the back pain that had tortured me for months was gone. The back bender was only a small part of the practice and instruments used in the yoga sessions but it fascinated me a lot how much potential lay in a small object like that.

One day after a yoga lesson, I touched the wooden back bender and said to my yoga teacher: Why don’t they produce a back bender out of cardboard?  and he answered: I don’t know, will it be resistant enough? From that day on together with a friend, I produced the prototypes of a back bender completely made out of cardboard, without using any adhesives or any kind of glue, just by clamping pieces together.

We reinvented an instrument with recycled material and the slogan “ReInvent – ReCycle – ReYoga” was born.

We produced a lot of prototypes before we were satisfied with the outcome and the stability of the backbender. I brought it to my yoga teacher and I will always remember his expression and excitement when he saw and tried it for the first time.

With the intent of bringing innovation and eco-sustainability to the world the name for our new brand was found easily.

We stand for close contact with nature because of all the positive emotions it gives us, and respect for the elements and the environment…. this is our philosophy at ReYoga.

“A big THANK YOU to everybody who teaches this amazing discipline and made me aware of the sense of my personal limits and my personal potential! I am convinced that yoga is for everyone and does well to everyone!



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