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Energy Flow: Italian Artist Fede Zen designed our Yoga mats

There is one quality that all our Energy Yoga mats have in common and that is the possibility to create a perfect canvas for fluid movements when doing dynamic Yoga.

A perfect yoga flow consists of fluid movements that are harmonic, and elegant but also energetic and lively.

We asked the Italian artist Federico Zenobi to design our Energy yoga mats for dynamic Yoga and keep all those aspects of a successful yoga flow in mind.

Using the same painting technique he created two opposite pieces of art: one that represents the introvert kind of calm flowing energy one feels inside when doing yoga and entering the rhythm of the practice, and the other one is an energetic extrovert color splash and entertains the mind and gives nothing but positive vibes.

“I have always loved art and started when I was 14 years old by painting graffiti. After finishing high school, specializing in graphics and communication, I decided “When I grow up I want to be an artist”.

I particularly love hyperrealistic art, a style I am studying and practicing in my work as a tattoo artist. Abstract art too is an interesting aspect and even-handedly fascinating – kind of the perfect antagonism. After having tried different techniques I arrived at the concept of using liquid colors to create abstract paintings. Instead of looking for all the tiny little details of a hyperrealistic painting, this painting style gives me all the freedom I need to express my creativity and combines it with a certain kind of coincidence when fusing colors.

Even if some of the pieces just look like abstract forms, they are the fruit of an endless number of attempts to find the perfect equilibrium between a full, empty, white, and colorful space. By creating these dynamic and fluid paintings I can represent those who look at them as well as myself.

Every form, every color combination, and every movement suggests strength, vitality as well as stillness, solidness, and transiency.”

Energy Holi Rainbow and Energy Inner Flow were two Yoga mats designed in collaboration with Federico Zenobi in 2020.

The color nuances expressed in the painting we used for our Holi Rainbow mat design remind us of Holi, the popular ancient Hindu festival of colors which signifies the victory of good over evil and a new beginning.

The Inner Flow design represents a different kind of more introverted mindset. To us, it is more about consciousness and listening to the energy flowing through our body when doing Yoga.

Yoga mats of the Energy collection are specially developed for intense and dynamic Yoga styles. The microfibre surface absorbs sweat and grants grip in humid conditions. A central line helps align your asanas perfectly. Natural rubber on the bottom makes sure the mat stays solid on the ground.

Holi Rainbow

Inner Flow

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