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Tea Mat: an Upcycle idea for our Yoga mats

Reusing is better than Recycling!

We are constantly thinking about ways to reuse Yoga mats that are at the end of their life span. Of course, you can recycle them, but reusing them differently, upcycling them to give them a new purpose is a much better option for a sustainable lifestyle. This is why we came up with the idea of creating fantastic Tea mats.

We created a second life for the production residues of our free Light yoga mats which are the perfect material for coasters! Why?

1. Grip: the free Light Yoga mat is made from TPE a completely recyclable and non-toxic material with great adherence: your hands won’t slip when doing Yoga on this mat a teacup will stay firm in place at tea time.

2. Stability and Comfort: the thickness of 3mm is just soft enough to be comfortable without renouncing stability when balancing Yoga poses, or to keep the cookie from breaking in half when you drop it on the tea mat.

3. Water resistance: TPE is a water-resistant material, it does not absorb liquids or dirt and can be easily cleaned. Just wipe it with a humid cloth and it becomes as good as new. It works for cleaning the mat after a tough yoga session as well as for the tea mat when you lose some drops of tea on its surface.

If you want to upcycle your used ReYogaYoga mat you can just cut it with a very sharp knife. The result might not be perfect but it still is a great thing to do for the environment.


ecological Yoga mat
free LIGHT 3mm

tappetino yoga TPE free soft 6mm reyoga per iniziare - Giallo-Ottanio

ecological Yoga mat
free SOFT 6mm

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