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Reuse instead of throwing away!

We would like to tell you a story because we are always being asked about it. It’s the story of our packaging materials.

Every time we ship an order to you, we take care to pack the products as safely as possible so that they are not damaged during transportation. We use our own packaging boxes and packaging material that we reuse. That’s right, we don’t throw anything away until we’ve given it a second or third chance to prove itself useful. So the plastic sleeves in which our yoga mats are packed in our warehouse to protect them from oxidation, are not thrown away but reused as packaging material. We believe it would be a waste to produce additional material and throw away the packaging we already have.

What sense would it make to throw away the plastic bags and produce additional material instead? Would that be more sustainable?

We don’t think so. We are convinced that plastic products, in particular, should be reused as often as possible – whether as storage bags for objects, bin liners (why buy them separately?), or as packaging material. Let’s reuse them until the end of time.

Our creative ideas on how you can reuse our packaging material:

  1. Fold the edge of the plastic bag and thread a string through the space in between
  2. Tape the edge with double-sided adhesive tape
  3. Decorate with paper or paint
  4. Hang up your bag and start collecting plastic material or shopping bags

Another possibility:

  • carry out the same steps as above (up to 3.), then:
  • Use stickers to tape up the small air holes (note: tape should also be applied to the inside)
  • fold the bag and put it in your handbag
  • use it to store your wet umbrella until you have the opportunity to let it dry

What do YOU do to give materials another meaning? Share your ideas with us and our community, write us a comment, or tag us on Instagram.

ReUse, ReCycle, ReYoga!

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