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Yoga in an Art Gallery – a truly fulfilling and unique experience
Marta's idea of combining art with yoga was born in 2021 started in the Woolbridge Gallery, to bring yoga within an unprecedented context with a unique cultural background. This initiative sought to raise awareness of art by experiencing it firsthand.
Pregnancy Yoga – Odaka Style
The Odaka Yoga Style, characterized by fluid movement inspired by the motion of the ocean, offers many benefits pregnant women.
Yoga when Traveling
Can you keep a constant Yoga routine even when traveling? Odaka Yoga teacher Nairi tells us about her experience on how to do Yoga when on the road.
Yin Yoga: The Non-Violence Yoga
Yin yoga is a deeply effective yoga practice in which the asanas are held passively to bring us into a state of (deep) relaxation.
Create your Yoga routine
Life is changing constantly and sometimes we fall off the wagon. Find out what you need to create your new Yoga Routine and keep it up for a long period.